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City of Brenham

Downtown Guide

Fire Districts
County Districts

Meter Cycles


Sanitation Collection Schedule

Voting Precincts



City Wards | Wards-2011 prior to last annexation

ETJ (extra territorial jurisdiction)

Map Book - 2013

Fire Districts

Flood Plain (100 year)

Justice of the Peace

Land Use

Parks: Firemans | Henderson | Hike & Bike Trail | Hohlt | Jackson Steet | Hasskarl | Linda Anderson | Jerry Wilson | Hattie Mae Flowers

Schools: Blinn College | All School Campuses


Sex offender Registry

The mission of the City of Brenham Geographic Information System (GIS) is to support the activities of the City of Brenham and its citizens by providing and maintaining accurate, current and complete geospatial data. This support will be provided through leveraging the knowledge contained in this information by using a set of procedures and techniques collectively referred to as GIS. Using the GIS, we will enable the managers and citizens to make decisions impacting the future of the City of Brenham in an informed and logical manner.


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